Meta Post 4/6

From the various blog posts this week, I noticed that most people in our class agree that while immigration control is necessary in the United States, it is not being carried out ethically or properly. For example, yellow63 voiced the opinion that while immigration control is necessary for homeland security, it is being used in a way that treats immigrants as almost “less than human”. As yellow63 puts it: “I don’t think America is living up to its ideals with this social justice issue.” Perrytheplatypus had a similar opinion, stating: “While I am thankful that the government protects American citizens, I do not think that imprisoning refugees is the way to do it.  One way to change this would be to build nicer housing facilities for refugees.” Perrytheplatypus also seems to feel that the current methods of immigration control are unethical. Indeed, some of the blogs hinted that it is a waste of time and money to imprison immigrants who seek to do no harm to the US and are only here to make a decent living. As swifttigercrouchinginwoods puts it: “The government needs to evaluate use of security and use those evaluations to tighten up security the right way. I do not want to see my government use MY tax dollars to hold people that aren’t a threat and don’t deserve to be held.” On the other hand, some bloggers felt that Krikorian’s guidelines for immigration control are plausible but need to incorporate more respect towards the immigrants. As graphophobia puts it: “If America was to follow Krikorian’s guideline for an immigration system they could easily treat immigrants respectfully as well.  Homeland security does not need to beat or imprison immigrants in order to not allow them into the country.”



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